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Plaza Manager: Ben Koot
Welcome to seats2Meet Uganda
A unique alternative to traditional development aid, using the Mindz ecosystem to create a  better future for the people in Bunabumali, Eastern Uganda, a place never visited by non Africans until November 2007.
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s2m Bunabumali & guesthouse

“It’s lonely at the top, a quote often used by Captains of Industry.

It's lonly at the bottom too. With a crowdsourced startup budget of 5000.00 euro we put Bunabumali on the worldmap without development aid. It took over 3 years before the timing was right to move to phase 2, connect to the Seats2meet/Mindz network.

Without steady funding we had to fight off and make sense of despair, fear, hunger, sickness, extreme poverty disappointment, anger, false promises,bureaucracy, Northern ignorance and many other facts of life before we could even think about a fraction of the first taste of success.

But we did it!
In December we will be opening the first seats2meet in Africa!

Building progress