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Introduction to the concept

Introduction to the concept

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We have an abundance of space in our school, cinema, theatre or office. Also, we would like to connect with our (local) community. So, I guess, I could invite my stakeholders to come in and work & connect. I have no budget. Becoming a S2M location seems like a logical answer to me!

Start your own S2M location

Register for a virtual or physical "Introduction to the Concept" seminar, in which we will elaborate on the concept and where you can meet other entrepreneurs!

September 27 (2013) - Amersfoort

November 29 (2013) - Eindhoven

January 31 (2014) - Amersfoort

The exchange on information between people and their networks increases daily. To benefit from this network power, I have to be permanently connected to this new outside world. Becoming a locations seems a natural solution to me!

Start your own S2M location
I am a fan of the concept and its growing (international) network of interesting people. I would like to start my own S2M location in my region

Start your own S2M location!

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