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Welcome to the future of today, the world of Society30. A movement. A change agent in our turbulant world.

More practical: Society30 is also a foundation and a publishing company.

Society30, its activities, its books and publications, its events and this website are the visualization of the shared mission of
CDEF Holding BV, a disruptive business concept explorer, started in 2003 by Marielle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff.

A vision. A search. A roadmap to the new world. SOCIETY30.

"A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an undercurrent, but maybe that is the best way to grow. We see more and more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with themselves, their environment and other people.

They are the people we call global citizens: people of the new world. These Society30 citizens cannot and will not deal with the thinking of the establishment anymore. They want to add value in their work and life in a significantly different way, namely by creating value instead of growth.

We think these global citizens – who are increasing in number daily – are the pillars, which support Society30. Hundreds of millions of people of the world move around without restraints, literally unbounded, across borders all over our world. Sometimes they do this physically, but more often they do so digitally through out the Internet: the World Wide Web. These people of the world are no longer bound to old organizations. They have organized themselves in virtual social networks. They have started to create value in a different way. They do not work according to a formal organizational structure. They guide themselves. They are themselves. Their social connections show great creative vitality and unleash an enormous amount of energy. From within their self-awareness they respect the individuality of anybody. People of the world of Society30 are not after personal enrichment at the expense of others. They share; they are prepared to do a lot for someone else, without always expecting a monetary reward. They reinvent society and create all kind of new, fair and sustainable business models.

We think it is both exciting and fun to be such a person, a Knowmad of the world of Society 3.0."

Marielle Sijgers & Ronald van den Hoff.

Key note the 3rd Space Global Conference 2012

Ronald on topics like 3rd Space, Society30, Serendipity and Value Creation.

Interview Ronald van den Hoff at PICNIC Innovation Mash Up

Podcast/ interview with Ronald van den Hoff at the Amsterdam PICNIC Innovation Mash Up 2012.

Web TV & Interviews on Society30.

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In spring 2013 Ronald wrote a chapter in the book Knowmadsociety. Besides Ronald, nine authors from 3 continents wrote the rest of the chapters,

Knowmads are nomadic knowledge workers –creative, imaginative, and innovative people who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

This book explores the future of learning, work and how we relate with each other in a world where we are now asked to design our own futures.
Key topics covered include: reframing learning and human development; required skills and competencies; rethinking schooling; flattening organizations; co-creating learning; and new value creation in organizations.

The book is available in print, but also as a free-paywithatweet download or app.

The Serendipity Machine

On December 21st 2012 we launched our brand new book The Serendipity Machine written bij Sebastian Olma. This book is a narritive of the survey done about the disruptive business model of the coworking concept Seats2meet.com.


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Society 3.0

On 11 april 2011 we've launched the book Society 3.0 (in Dutch).
Presently the book is being translated into an English version and will be available in the fall of 2013.

The original Dutch version sold almost 10.000 copies and generated over 42.000 downloads!

#Society30 has become a generic name on twitter in The Netherlands..

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About the Author: Ronald van den Hoff

Ronald van den Hoff, author of the book Society 3.0, is co-owner of CDEF Holding BV, holding company of a serie of companies operating on the border of the hospitality industry and the social media.

CDEF Holding BV operates talked about, disruptive Blue Ocean formulas like
Seats­2meet­.com Meeting-, Office-, Work- & Eventspaces, the virtual eco-system Mindz.com and the internet commu­nicat­ion company Cyberdigma BV.

Ronald is a much sought public speaker.

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