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"Understanding Place Branding" Tutorial

Robert Govers - Thursday 07 July 2011 - 10:18 - 784 x read
It is often said that place branding is growing from infancy to adolescence, but that it still lacks a conceptual framework or agreed analytical and strategic design approach. With our online Prezi tutorial on we want to show that this is incorrect and that there is more than sufficient support for such a conceptual framework. Our 2009 book Place Branding elaborately describes such a framework through what we’ve called the three gap model and the 3 times 3 gap bridging guide (depicted in figures 3.1 and 16.1 in the book). It is supported by hundreds of references to relevant literature and even grounded in work by philosophers such as Descartes and later protagonists. This presentation provides a 10-minute crash course into this body of knowledge. It is a short version of the presentation that we regularly deliver for various audiences using many more examples and case studies.

For more information, please refer to our 2009 book and/or the subsequent Place branding yearbook series, all published with Palgrave Macmillan, or visit our Place branding community Placebrandz.

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Bill Baker
Bill Baker -  (2011-07-10 03:03)
Well done Robert, Nice simplified approach and easy to follow. Too often communicating with the real decision makers in places in regard to branding are overlooked because it is assumed that they have a degree in marketing, hence sometimes they just dont get it. This video is another step in bridging the knowledge gap. I look forward to #2.
Bill Baker
Thanks Bill!
Robert Govers Robert Govers  (2011-07-11 19:24)
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